Automated billing and payments for Django with a REST API
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A Django automated billing system with a REST API.

Silver was developed by the awesome engineering team at Presslabs, a Managed WordPress Hosting provider.

For more open-source projects, check Presslabs Code.


To get the latest stable release from PyPi

sudo apt-get build-dep python-imaging
pip install django-silver

To get the latest commit from GitHub

pip install -e git+git://

Add silver to your INSTALLED_APPS

    # ...,

Add the silver URLs to your

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^silver/', include('silver.urls')),

Don't forget to migrate your database

./ migrate silver


For the complete API reference, check the project's documentation.

Automated tasks

To run Silver automatically you have two choices, although we really recommend the first one. You can either:

  • Use Celery (4.x) and setup a celery-beat for the following tasks (recommended):

    • silver.tasks.generate_documents
    • silver.tasks.generate_pdfs
    • silver.tasks.execute_transactions (if making use of silver transactions)
    • silver.tasks.fetch_transactions_status (if making use of silver transactions, for which the payment processor doesn't offer callbacks)

    Requirements: Celery-once is used to ensure that tasks are not queued more than once, so you can call them as often as you'd like. Redis is required by celery-once, so if you prefer not to use redis, you will have to write your own tasks.

  • Setup CRONs which call the following Django commands (e.g. ./ generate_documents):

    • generate_documents
    • generate_pdfs
    • execute_transactions (if making use of silver transactions)
    • fetch_transactions_status (if making use of silver transactions, for which the payment processor doesn't offer callbacks)

    You'll have to make sure that each of these commands is not run more than once at a time.

Billing documents templates

For creating the PDF templates, Silver uses the built-in templating engine of Django. The template variables that are available in the context of the template are:

  • name
  • unit
  • subscription
  • plan
  • provider
  • customer
  • product_code
  • start_date
  • end_date
  • prorated
  • proration_percentage
  • metered_feature
  • context

For specifying the storage used add the SILVER_DOCUMENT_STORAGE setting to your settings file. Example for storing the PDFs on S3:

    'storages.backends.s3boto.S3BotoStorage', [], {
        'bucket': 'THE-AWS-BUCKET',
        'access_key': 'YOUR-AWS-ACCESS-KEY',
        'secret_key': 'YOUR-AWS-SECRET-KEY',
        'acl': 'private',
        'calling_format': 'boto.s3.connection.OrdinaryCallingFormat'

Payment Processors settings

Here's an example for how the PAYMENT_PROCESSORS Django setting should look like, for the Braintree payment processor:

# put this in your
braintree_setup_data = {
    'environment': braintree.Environment.Production,
    'merchant_id': BRAINTREE_MERCHANT_ID,
    'public_key': BRAINTREE_PUBLIC_KEY,
    'private_key': BRAINTREE_PRIVATE_KEY

    'braintree_triggered': {
        'class': 'silver_braintree.payment_processors.BraintreeTriggered',
        'setup_data': braintree_setup_data,
    'braintree_recurring': {
        'class': 'silver_braintree.payment_processors.BraintreeTriggeredRecurring',
        'setup_data': braintree_setup_data,

Current available payment processors for Silver are:

Other available settings

  • SILVER_DEFAULT_DUE_DAYS - the default number of days until an invoice is due for payment.
  • SILVER_DOCUMENT_PREFIX - it gets prepended to the path of the saved files. The default path of the documents is {prefix}{company}/{doc_type}/{date}/{filename}
  • SILVER_PAYMENT_TOKEN_EXPIRATION - decides for how long the pay_url of a transaction is available, before it needs to be reobtained
  • SILVER_AUTOMATICALLY_CREATE_TRANSACTIONS - automatically create transactions when a billing document is issued, for recurring payment methods

Other features

To add REST hooks to Silver you can install and configure the following packages:

Getting Started

  1. Create your profile as a service provider.
  2. Add your pricing plans to the mix.
  3. Import/add your customer list.
  4. Create subscriptions for your customers.
  5. Create your custom templates using HTML/CSS or use the ones already provided.
  6. Setup cron job for generating the invoices automatically.
  7. Enjoy. Silver will automatically generate the invoices or proforma invoices based on your providers' configuration.


Development of silver happens at

Issues are tracked at

The Python package can be found at

You are highly encouraged to contribute with code, tests, documentation or just sharing experience.

Please see for a short guide on how to get started with Silver contributions.