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This code is for the front end of WordSeer.

The back end was me running the stanford parser and putting that data into an appropriate mysql db, it's not 
ready for public viewing yet, but email me if you want a dump of WordSeer's current DB, containing 
slave narratives data.

The front end code contains the following:

lib/ 3rd party javascript libraries
style/ css and fonts and things like that
   js/ where the code for all the visualizations, application state, and interactivity helpers lives.
        Start with view.js, heatmap.js, or searchresults.js and look at the init() function 
          --  essentially the main application loop for each page, which starts everything else.
         The main files are:
         heatmap.js - heat map AND word tree stuff, in service of the heatmap.php view
         searchresults.js - grammatical search results, result filtering, all the viz on that page, in service of index.php
         view.js - annotation, similar words, creating heat map queries, in service of view.php
         The rest are helper files.

   php/ the stuff responsible for fetching data from the mysql db's and handing it over to the front end code in ../js
         Warning, a lot of this is ugly. This code was how I learned php, guys, so really, be warned.
   java/ empty for now. If I decide to use the stanford parser in native form (not python wrapped) code will live here.
   python/ will eventually contain working back-end code, for digesting an arbitrary 
            text collection into a WordSeer-compatible db format