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A Fetch Wrapper with cache support that works with Redux

Getting Started

import SilverRequest from "silver-request";

    new SilverRequest(dispatch)
        .setEvent('Github Loaded')


using yarn

yarn add silver-request


npm install silver-request

Running the tests

simply run

yarn test


method type default Description
setLogger function null set a function for loggin eg console.log
setRunOnSuccess function null set a function to run on successful request and to call this method is useful when you want plugin call desire event on successful request
setOnSuccess function or object function set a function to be called after receiving respond , this will override calling event
setOnError function function set a function to be called after error happen
setMethod string GET set request type method
setIsCachable boolean false is request is cachable or not
setUrl string null
setEvent string null the event name (Redux Event) that will be fired after successful request
setData object null the data that will be sent by POST request
setNeedLoading boolean false
addAdditionalHeader object null adding additional header to request
setAdditionalHeader object null set additional header to request
setCacheTime integer 30601000
setIsHardRefresh boolean false if true , it will ignore existing cache , but will cache the reponse
send call this method to send the request

Static Properties

this properties will be applied to all request , set them in initializing you application

name type default Description
additionalHeader object object adding token for example
lang string en_US
cacheHandler Object LocalStorageCacheHandler
cacheTime Integer 30601000
globalOnSuccess function null
globalOnError function null
languageFile Object Object


  • writing more test
  • writing more cache adapter
  • adding canceling request ability
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