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SilverFix'es Fork bugfix & changes

  • [inlines.js] Fixed severe bug with number of TOTAL_FORMS when adding a new nested
  • [tabular.html] Fixed look 'n feel of the nested table (dynamic colspan handling)
  • [] Fixed exception using it with a no-deletable inline
  • [project structure] Deleted inlines.min.js
  • [] NestedModelAdmin was pointing to wrong js filename
  • [] Fixed a bug that would be skip any custom validation in clean() method
  • [] [Big thanks to @nastasi-oq] Fixed a bug that would be raise exception if save_as_new enabled


Django issue #9025

Patches have been submitted, and repositories forked, but no one likes to use either one. Now, nested inlines are available in an easy-to-install package.


The Javascript portion of this app is currently buggy. The Python portion should be solid. Please test and file issues and pull requests to improve it!


Uninstall django-nested-inlines if you install this package from other repository

pip uninstall django-nested-inlines

and install dj-nested-inlines

pip install dj-nested-inlines


nested_inlines.admin contains three ModelAdmin subclasses to enable nested inline support: NestedModelAdmin, NestedStackedInline, and NestedTabularInline. To use them:

  1. Add nested_inlines to your INSTALLED_APPS before django.contrib.admin. This is because this app overrides certain admin templates and media.
  2. Import NestedModelAdmin, NestedStackedInline, and NestedTabularInline wherever you want to use nested inlines.
  3. On admin classes that will contain nested inlines, use NestedModelAdmin rather than the standard ModelAdmin.
  4. On inline classes, use Nested versions instead of the standard ones.
  5. Add an inlines = [MyInline,] attribute to your inlines and watch the magic happen.


from django.contrib import admin
from nested_inlines.admin import NestedModelAdmin, NestedStackedInline, NestedTabularInline
from models import A, B, C

class MyNestedInline(NestedTabularInline):
	model = C

class MyInline(NestedStackedInline):
	model = B
	inlines = [MyNestedInline,]

class MyAdmin(NestedModelAdmin):
	inlines = [MyInline,], MyAdmin)


This package is mainly the work of other developers. I've only taken their patches and packaged them nicely for ease of use. Credit goes to:

  • Gargamel for providing the base patch on the Django ticket.
  • Stefan Klug for providing a fork with the patch applied, and for bugfixes.

See Stefan Klug's repository.