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Launch is a stupid-simple command line launcher. It is designed for users with a terminal-centric workflow who occasionally want to run something with a GUI.


  • stupid-simple. just type launch cmd args ...
  • silences stdout/stderr e.g. so your shell doesn't get flooded with GTK warnings
  • prints the new process's PID to stdout, so you can easily ps or kill it
  • prints an error message if the command couldn't be launched
  • doesn't close stdin so you can pipe to it!


Open a PDF with a relative path:

$ launch evince docs/README.pdf

Pipe output into a GUI editor

$ make 2>&1 | launch gedit -


Building is also stupid-simple. Just type

$ make launch

Make's built-in rules will do the rest. If you want to customize the build, define your own CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. launch is written in simple, highly-portable C code. If building generates errors with your platform/compiler please let me know.


Currently available on: