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Silverjuke Changes

V18.2.x (06.02.2018)

  • Increase default image cache size
  • Update Spanish translation
  • Bug fixes

V16.5.x (27.05.2016)

  • New options to add UPnP/DLNA servers to the music library
  • Ask before interrupting tracks
  • Cleanup caches on music library updates
  • Allow writing files via scripts
  • Bug fixes

V16.3.x (17.03.2016)

  • New Equalizer
  • New prelistening options: Mix, Left/Right channel, Explicit output
  • New prelistening overlay
  • New video screen overlay showing the covers and the title
  • New: Include/Exclude extensions in the source settings
  • Option to show only a single channel added to the Spectrum monitor
  • Add about 200 new handpicked visualization presets
  • The visualization preset path is logged to the console window
  • The first usage of the scripting engine is logged to the console window
  • Bug fixes

V16.2.x (14.02.2016)

  • New: Native support for "projectM", a Milkdrop-esque visualization
  • New "Video screen" menu with direct access to all relating options
  • New: Video support for Linux
  • New: "Crossfading" and "Automatic Volume" for Linux, Mac and Windows
  • For the linux port, GSteamer is used by default
  • The video screen is closed if another view is selected or by a simple click
  • New command line option "--blackrect" to cover unused areas
  • Bug fixes

V16.1.x (12.01.2016)

  • New: Mac OS X version
  • New: Scripting and plugin-interface enabled by default
  • New: Play Opus-files if possible
  • New: INI-Switch to prepend zeros to track numbers, see file "user-guide"
  • New: Read Winamp 5.6 genres
  • New mouse wheel options at "Settings / Advanced"
  • Show a warning before scripts are executed in Skins or via Drag'n'Drop
  • All menu entries added by scripts go to the same place in the "Edit" menu
  • Album view", "Cover view" and "List view" options in view menu
  • Make "Skip Silence between tracks" work on Mac and Windows
  • Bug fixes

V15.10.x (05.12.2015)

  • New "Resume" options at "Settings / Playback"
  • New "Jingle" options at "Settings / Playback"
  • New: Read and write ratings from MP3, MPC, FLAC and OGG-files
  • New: "Columns" and "Display" options in view menu
  • New "Shortcuts" page in the advanced settings
  • Bug fixes

V15.9.x (13.11.2015)

  • New: "Limit Play Time" option
  • New: The settings dialog opens with most recent page used
  • New: INI-Switch "debug", see file "user-guide"
  • Dialog "Automatic control/Further options" moved to a page in the main dialog
  • Menu and settings dialog cleanup
  • Bug fixes

V15.8.x (27.10.2015)

  • Play non-DRM AAC- and ALAC-m4a-files if supported by the operating system
  • Bug fixes

V15.6.x (14.10.2015)

  • New: Add three more default skins
  • New: Option to browse the help files locally
  • Update artist info and cover search URLs
  • Bug fixes

V15.4.x (26.06.2015)