Optional shipping methods for the silverstripe shop module.
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SilverShop - Shipping Module

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Introduce shipping options to SilverShop



composer require silvershop/shipping:master

Add the ShippingFrameWorkModifier to your modifiers config, eg:

        - ShippingFrameworkModifier
        - FlatTaxModifier

You need to use the new SteppedCheckout system to allow customers to set their address before they choose their shipping method. To set up steps, including the shippingmethod step, add the following to your mysite/_config/config.yml file:

		'membership': 'CheckoutStep_Membership'
        'contactdetails': 'CheckoutStep_ContactDetails'
        'shippingaddress': 'CheckoutStep_Address'
        'billingaddress': 'CheckoutStep_Address'
        'shippingmethod': 'CheckoutStep_ShippingMethod' #extra line for shipping method
        'paymentmethod': 'CheckoutStep_PaymentMethod'
        'summary': 'CheckoutStep_Summary'

If included, remove SteppedCheckout::setupSteps() from your _config.php file (SteppedCheckout::setupSteps() creates default checkout page steps no longer needed with the above YAML entries).

To add the shipping estimation form to your CartPage template, add the following somewhere on your CartPage.ss template:

    <% include ShippingEstimator %>

If you need some example tableshipping data to populate your site for testing/development, you can run the task: yoursite.tld/dev/tasks/PopulateTableShippingTask


ShippingPackage is a class used to encapsulate shipping data including: weight, dimensions, value, quantity.

ShippingMethod is the base class for different types of shipping calculation. These could either be flat rates, table based rates, or a

TableShippingMethod has many TableShippingRate, where TableShppingRate extends RegionRestriction. Table shipping rates also have optional weight, volume, value, and quantity constraint fields.

DistanceShippingMethod has many DistanceShippingFare, and requires the shop_geocoding module to be present.

Region Restrictions

The RegionRestriction class serves as a base class for providing regionalised restrictions. Restrictions are specified by Country, State, and PostalCode. A value/rate can be given to each restriction. To work the appropriate rate, query for all the matchign restrictions, and sort by cheapest.

The wildcard '*' means the restriction will match any region.