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Itron Arduino Milli-Shield

Current Version Info

Current version is 1.4.1. See the file for details.

Repository Structure

The Milli Shield CoAP Server consists of two folders:

Folder Name Content
mshield The Arduino Sketch dependent on the CoAP Server library
ssni_coap_server The Itron CoAP Server Library

Installation Instructions:

  1. From the Milli5-Arduino CoAP Server repository, copy the sub-folder mshield to C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Arduino Note: Replace with your Windows user name.

  2. Download the folder ssni_coap_server to C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Arduino\libraries

  3. Download and install the Arduino IDE 1.8.7 from

  4. In the preferences, locate the field "Additionial Board Manager URLs". Add this URL to the list:

  5. Using the board manager, add the Adafruit SAMD boards. Select the Adafruit Metro M0 Express board.

  6. In the folder Arduino\mshield, click on mshield.ino and your Arduino IDE will launch

  7. In the IDE, go to the Sketch menu and choose Include Library, and select ssni_coap_server from the Contributed Libraries section

  8. In the IDE, go to Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries

  9. In the search bar, type RTCZero

  10. Click on "More info"

  11. In the drop-down menu, select v1.5.2 and click Install

  12. Do you have the DHT11 sensor?

  13. If yes, use Manage Libraries to locate and install the following libraries:

  14. Adafruit Unified Sensor v1.0.2

  15. DHT Sensor Library v1.3.0

  16. Build and upload the application to your Adafruit Metreo M0 Express board. Explore and have fun!