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Starfish Data Platform Reference App

To run this application, just open index.html in the browser.

This sample application demonstrates how to use Starfish JS SDK to build a simple web application to fetch devices and observations from Starfish Data Platform. By default SDK connects to Starfish Production Endpoint and users can overide the endpoint using the options object. Refer to starfish-js repo for details on usage.

const Starfish = require('starfish-sdk');
const options = {
  'endpoint': '',
  'credentials' : {
    'clientId' : 'your-client-id',
    'clientSecret' : 'your-secret'
var starfish = new Starfish(options)

To use the sample application you will need clientId/secret issued by Starfish Data Platform.

Fill in clientId/secret and click on 'Connect' to fetch devices and choose a device to plot temperature observations for that device.

Fill in the solution name as either StudioSimulation or sandbox

Solutions are a logical grouping of devices and their associated data. Solutions are created automatically when a device is created using that solution.

  • Devices created via studio simulation will be part of the solution named StudioSimulation
  • Devices purchased via the development portal will be part of the solution named sandbox

Observations must be of format:

  "observations": [
      "temperature": -31.4215,
      "timestamp": "2017-03-21T22:04:08.667Z"