GSOC 2012 Project: Developer Toolbar and Improved Framework Logging

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SilverStripe has a set of features to support developers. However, these features depend on manually adding GET parameters to the URL. The goal of this proposal is to make the tools available at a central, easy to find location in form of a developer toolbar. In addition to this, I will modify the existing logging system, centralizing functionality in SS_Log. I will add a new log target that allows to log to the toolbar. Furthermore, I plan to add filtering and sorting capabilities to make the interesting information easier to find.

Scope and Timeline

A rough timeline is at I try to keep the blog up to date, but the best place to follow my progress is at github. If you are interested in what I am currently working on have a look at the issues list.


  • Student: Jakob Kristoferitsch
  • Mentor: Mark Stevens

Status and Source