Project Idea: Module System Refactoring

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Project Idea: Module system refactoring

Author: Andrew Short

Currently there's no way to define dependencies, organise modules into subfolders or easily submit them to a central repository. With the recent surge in popularity of the composer/packagist pair, I think it would be great to take advantage of this really useful system rather than inventing our own Update the module system to one based on composer/packagist. This would allow module authors to define all the metadata for a module inside a JSON file (tags, requirements etc etc), and all the versioning would be inferred from source control. This means submitting a module would be as easy as submitting the URL to your repository.

  • Allow modules to be organised into application/modules/framework sub-folders.
  • Implement proper application/module/framework priorities for code and themes.
  • Update the requirements system to allow requirements to be included by specifying their name rather than file path - Require::javascript('jquery').
  • Create a better module listing repository based on composer/packagist. This could perhaps be done by one of the other GSOC students.