Integrates the "Compass" stylesheet framework (which uses SASS/SCSS) with the SilverStripe CMS
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Compass Module

The Compass module for SilverStripe seamlessly integrates Sass and Compass in SilverStripe modules and themes. You write your styles in sass, and the module automatically compiles these sass files to css.

Note: This does introduce a delay to your webpages while in devmode. This can be significant (2-10s) while compass rebuilds your project. If this delay is affecting you, I recommend using the compass gem directly.

Maintainer Contact

  • Hamish Friedlander (hfried) <hamish (at) silverstripe (dot) com>


Compass is a stylesheet authoring tool that uses the Sass stylesheet language to make your stylesheets smaller and your web site easier to maintain. Compass provides ports of the best of breed css frameworks that you can use without forcing you to use their presentational class names. It’s a new way of thinking about stylesheets that must be seen in action!

From the compass homepage


You need ruby 1.8.6 or better and rubygems 1.2 or better installed on your development system. The module will download & install all required gems automatically.

Normal usage is to commit the built css files to your version control repository during development. This means there are no extra software requirements on the live servers.

  • SilverStripe 3.0


See docs/

Usage Overview

See docs/