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Shibboleth module

This module is a wrapper around the SimpleSAML thirdparty library, providing federated authentication. It uses the Authenticator interface to expose a new ShibbolethAuthenticator that is integrated into the login screen.

Caution: This module is just a light wrapper, and requires installation and configuration of the fairly complex thirdparty library (see docs).


  • PHP 5.2.0+
  • SilverStripe 2.4.3+

Warning: This module replaces Sapphire's __autoload function, as SimpleSAML is based around its own __autoload. So, the Sapphire __autoload function has been copied into thirdparty/simplesaml/lib/_autoload.php and is called as a fallback, if the SimpleSAML one fails. This is awkward, but effective.

  • Modified SimpleSAML library 1.6.1 (packaged in thirdparty/simplesaml)
  • Unix operating system (hardcoded /tmp paths, script)
  • Apache webserver (uses rewrite rules and .htaccess)
  • The project containing this module has to be named nersc/ (see "Issues Tracking" below)


Customizations to simplesaml

The simplesaml login form shows in as a new tab in the default Security/login screen. In order to display it "inline" rather than as a full webpage, the default template has been modified in the form of a new module: simplesaml-custom/modules/silverstripe/.

In order to copy the customizations into the thirdparty/simplesaml folder, run the following script:

Customizations to thirdparty/shibbolet/config/config.php

When copying the thirdparty/shibboleth/config-templates/ folder to thirdparty/shibboleth/config/, you need to adjust some settings:

$config = array(
	// ...
	// Module is not in webroot, but rather a subfolder
	'baseurlpath' => '<projectname>/shibboleth/thirdparty/simplesaml/www/',
	// Use a custom theme
	'theme.use' => 'silverstripe:silverstripe',

The module includes a method to configure the thirdparty library through a SspConfigLoader::get_env_conf() call. This is an optional enhancement, used to keep the actual configuration outside of version control. You are free to write configuration without this helper.


$config = array(
	// ...
	// Example use of sspConfigLoader class
	'auth.adminpassword' => SspConfigLoader::get_env_conf('config', 'auth.adminpassword'),

Apache rewriting

You will also need to ensure the following condition is added to the standard SilverStripe .htaccess, before the final RewriteRule.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !shibboleth/thirdparty/simplesaml

This ensures SimpleSAML can be accessed as needed from the web.

Then, add this at the end of your .htaccess:

AcceptPathInfo On

Unique identifer in SilverStripe Member database

The shibboleth module changes the unique identifier for members from the Email field to the UniqueIdentifier field. You will notice that the login form now asks for a different value. Newly created members should have the UniqueIdentifier field be set. Existing members don't have the field set. That is why they can not log in. Copying the Email value into this new column should fix the issue.


You will have to configure the SimpleSAML installation to suit your needs. This can be done through the SimpleSAML control panel.

The module comes with defaults for certain Identity Providers.

Create the following file called _ssp_environment.php in your app root or one folder above. Note: This is different from the _ss_environment.php file used for generic SilverStripe environment management.

// use one of the thre predefined configurations
$useDiscoService = 'scifed'; // set to 'scifed' / 'incommon' / null

$env = array(
	'config/config.php' => array(
		'config' => array(
			'baseurlpath' => 'yourprojectfolder/shibboleth/thirdparty/simplesaml/www/',
			'auth.adminpassword' => 'simplesamlpassword',
			'secretsalt' => 'somesecretsalt',
			'timezone' => 'Pacific/Auckland',	
			'useDiscoService' => $useDiscoService,
			'metadata.sources' => array(
				array('type' => 'flatfile'),
				array('type' => 'flatfile', 'directory' => 'metadata/metadata-' . $useDiscoService)
			'technicalcontact_name' => 'Administrator',
			'technicalcontact_email' => '',
	'config/authsources.php' => array(
		'config' => array(
			'default-sp' => array(
				'entityID' => null,
				'useDiscoService' => $useDiscoService,
				'privatekey' => 'saml.pem',
				'certificate' => 'saml.crt',
	'config/module_discopower.php' => array(
		'useDiscoService' => $useDiscoService,

The usage of _ssp_environment.php allows loading of values into the thirdparty/simplesamml/config/config.php file via a custom class call to SspConfigLoader::get_env_conf().

IMPORTANT: Data in thirdparty/metadata/ might change based on cronjobs and manual refreshes triggered by the thirdparty module code.

SimpleSAML thirdparty UI administration

The SimpleSAML library comes with its own UI, available at http://localhost/shibboleth/thirdparty/simplesaml/www/module.php/core/frontpage_welcome.php. It is authenticated (see _ssp_environment.php).

Issue Tracking

Bugs are tracked on

Internal Subversion History

The module was migrated from an internal, access protected svn repository. The module path has since been removed, so needs to list a specific revision. In case you have access, the module history is available through the following command:

svn log