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* Mark Stephens
<mark (at) silverstripe (dot) com>
-## Requirementsld
+## Requirements
* SilverStripe 2.4 or newer
* sphinx binary installation 0.9.9-rc2 or greater with 64-bit document id
+## Alternative fulltext search modules
+This module may in the future be replaced by the fulltext search module, currently in development at
+In particular, for projects with very large amounts of data to be stored in the index or projects that will
+be hosted in windows environments, the fulltext search module with it's Solr connector is likely to be a better
+The sphinx connector for the fulltext search module is not yet developed as of this writing, but once that has happened
+this module is likely to be deprecated.
## Licensing
The file sphinxapi.php is the official php client for Sphinx, and is distributed
@@ -70,6 +82,11 @@ If you are using MAMP:
* Make sure your database string in _ss_environment has the port number included
i.e. define('SS_DATABASE_SERVER', 'localhost:8889');
+If you are using Windows:
+Sphinx runs as a service on windows. This service needs to be controllable by the user the webserver acts as.
+This module provides a Sphinx/install task which will install & adjust the permissions of a sphinx service
+as required by the most common configuration under windows.
## Refresh Configuration and Reindex
/dev/build the project. This will update the database structure, but also

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