Adding a timezone picker field to SilverStripe (requires 2.5)
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Timezone Awareness Module


The module extends the built-in DatetimeField form field with TZDateTimeField, which allows selection of date and time, with a timezone dropdown. This enables an automatic conversion between a user selected timezone and the server timezone when saving the field, but it also allows converting the date on the fly by changing to a different timezone. Internally, the date and time are always saved in the server timezone, so this is a purely presentational setting.

The module also extends SiteConfig to enable default user timezones, which then get picked up by TZDateTimeField. This is particularly handy when using the "subsites" module where each subsite has its own SiteConfig record. If each subsite stands for a geographic region with authors located all over the world, these authors can have individual user timezones set.

The TZDateTimeField is automatically picked up by the "cmsworkflow" module because it uses Object::create('DatetimeField') instead of new DatetimeField(). In other modules and custom code, you'll have to use the field directly, or replace any existing fields manually via FieldSet->replaceField().

Note: Currently just works with NZ date format (d/m/Y).


  • SilverStripe 2.5


  • Tom Rix (@rixth)
  • Ingo Schommer (@chillu)

Thanks to Air New Zealand for sponsoring and contributing to this module!