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TranslatableModelAdmin Module

This module provides additional developer tools for creating ModelAdmin interfaces on Translatable data objects. It doesn't provide any new functionality out of the box; you will need to write code against the new APIs in order to use it.

Maintainer Contact

  • Sam Minnee (sminnee, sam (at) silverstripe (dot) com)


  • SilverStripe 2.4 or newer


To install, simply unpack the module into a translatablemodeladmin directory within your project.


Create a ModelAdmin interface for your application, as outlined in the ModelAdmin documentation.

However, instead of using ModelAdmin as the base class:

class MyAdmin extends ModelAdmin {

Use TranslatableModelAdmin:

class MyAdmin extends TranslatableModelAdmin {

Your ModelAdmin will provide a language dropdown at the top of the left-hand panel for DataObjects that include the Translatable extension.

class MyData extends DataObject {
	static $extensions = array(

You are also allowed to build a TranslatableModelAdmin that manages multiple classes, some of which have the Translatable extension and some of which do not.