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2012-11-26 v2.1.0
* Augmented logic from 1.6.0 and implemented basic UI to show user's submitted and pending target content-objects
* Added descriptions, validation and jQuery UI timepicker widget to future publish/unpublish date UI and functionality
* Bugfixes for errors shown in CMS UI when creating/editing workflow definitions
* Bugfix for users not receiving correctly formatted "To" headers for NotifyUsersWorkflowAction
* Minor inline doc corrections leftover from v2.4 --> v3.0 upgrade
* For a detailed list of changes, please visit:
2012-07-25 v2.0.0
* Updated everything to SS3.0!
* Future publish/unpublish dates are respected in workflow publish actions
2012-05-10 v1.6.0
* Added functionality to have a table listing all of a user's assigned
workflows displayed with actions to trigger the appropriate transitions
for those workflows. It implies the following code exists in a Controller
somewhere to be able to retrieve the list of workflows assigned to the user.
* Get the current user's list of workflows
public function UserWorkflows() {
$workflows = singleton('WorkflowService')->usersWorkflows(Member::currentUser());
return $workflows;
2012-03-15 1.5.2
* Make sure to only add the queuedjobs when in Stage editing mode
2012-02-02 1.5.1
* Fix issue where publish job was continually being readded
2012-01-20 1.5.0
* Added an extension for embargo/expiry using the queuedjobs module
* Changed signature of the workflowpublish queued job
2012-01-11 v1.4.1
* Renamed Step to Action
2012-01-10 v1.4.0
* Allow definition of method to determine where parent for workflow
lookups is
2011-09-27 v1.3.1
* Added a listing of all completed workflow instances for a workflow definition
* Add a check for the presence of the item the workflow instance was started
against incase it was deleted
2011-09-22 v1.3.0
* Allow users to update workflow actions from the workflow screen to move items through the workflow
* Added a targetUpdated method to WorkflowAction that gets called if there's a current workflow instance when a
* Look for a WorkflowLink method on an object for linking back in outbound emails
2011-08-26 v1.2.1
* Added ability to use a listing template for the Email template of the
NotifyUsersWorkflowAction. This allows full access to the workflow
and its history.
2011-06-08 v1.2.0
* Refactored WorkflowAction and WorkflowActionInstance to
* Make it easier to specify action instance classes through the use of
a new static
`static $instance_class = 'WorkflowActionInstance';`
* updateWorkflowFields() moved to WorkflowActionInstance where it more
correctly belongs
* Added `actionStart($transition)` and `actionComplete($transition)` methods to
WorkflowActionInstance which makes it easier to hook when a workflow action
is entered or left.
* Fixed issue where workflow transition being executed wasn't checked to ensure
it was a valid transition to take
2011-06-08 v1.1.2
* Fixed undefined index error when restricting actions on existing transitions
2011-05-18 v1.1.0
* Fixed issue where new transitions weren't restricted to going to actions
in the same workflow
2011-04-28 v1.1.0
* Added some level of support for objects other than Pages to work within
workflows, using File objects as the case for the moment.
* Added tracking of the Initiator of a workflow
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