A collection of useful grid field components.
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SilverStripe Grid Field Extensions Module

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This module provides a number of useful grid field components:

  • GridFieldAddExistingSearchButton - a more advanced search form for adding items.
  • GridFieldAddNewInlineButton - builds on GridFieldEditableColumns to allow inline creation of records.
  • GridFieldAddNewMultiClass - lets the user select from a list of classes to create a new record from.
  • GridFieldEditableColumns - allows inline editing of records.
  • GridFieldOrderableRows - drag and drop re-ordering of rows.
  • GridFieldRequestHandler - a basic utility class which can be used to build custom grid field detail views including tabs, breadcrumbs and other CMS features.
  • GridFieldTitleHeader - a simple header which displays column titles.

This branch will aim for compatibility with SilverStripe 4.x.

For SilverStripe 3.x, please see the compatible branch.

See docs/en/index.md for documentation and examples.