A SilverStripe module for sending simple notifications to users, via various 'channels'. Supports Apple Push via Urban Airship
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SilverStripe Push Notifications Module

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This module developed with the support of BERZERK* interactive


  • SilverStripe 3.1+


  • Place module in project-root/push
  • Run dev/build
  • Add Urban Airship configuration to your project's config.php

UrbanAirshipBroadcastPushProvider::add_application('your_app_name', 'key', 'secret');

Sending a notification

  • Login to the CMS
  • Navigate to the "Push" section in the left menu
  • Create a new push notification
  • Select the delivery channel
  • Fill out details of what you're sending
  • Select who to send to (ensure you save after doing so!)
  • Hit the 'Send' button

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