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A social networking platform in SilverStripe

Getting Started


  • Clone the repository
  • If you have phing, just run phing to create all the default files needed and skip the following bits
  • Otherwise, you'll need to copy the following files manually
    • build/configs/silverstripe/local.conf.sample.php to mysite/local.conf.php
    • build/configs/silverstripe/htaccess.sample to ./.htaccess (note the extra . there)
  • Edit mysite/local.conf.php to reflect appropriate DB settings. The following should work for SQLite

    global $databaseConfig;
    $databaseConfig = array(
            "type" => "SQLiteDatabase",
            "server" => "localhost",
            "username" => "",
            "password" => "",
            "database" => "silverstripe",

    Security::setDefaultAdmin('admin', 'admin');
    // Email::setAdminEmail('');
    define('SS_LOG_FILE', dirname(__FILE__).'/'.basename(dirname(dirname(__FILE__))).'.log');
  • Edit mysite/local.conf.php and update the 'defaultAdmin' settings
  • Create the assets/ directory
  • Create an _ss_environment.php file in the root folder with the following
    // Set the $_FILE_MAPPING for running the test cases, it's basically a fake but useful
    global $_FILE_TO_URL_MAPPING;
    $_FILE_TO_URL_MAPPING[dirname(__FILE__)] = 'http://localhost';
  • Run dev/build : note that you will NEED to run with '?disable_perms=1' as a parameter to make sure the restrictedobjects module doesn't interfere with things
  • All done!


A few things will need to be created first, so login to /admin

  • Go to Security
  • Create a "Members" group
  • Go to Settings, and select the permissions tab.
  • Add Access Authority -> for Permission select View, for Groups select "Members", click Create
  • Go to Pages
  • Add new -> Site Dashboard Page -> set name = Site
  • On the Home page, change type to "Redirector page" and make it redirect to the 'Site' page
  • Remove other pages from the menu
  • Add new -> MemberProfilePage -> set name = Profile, just use the default registration options
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