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Please be aware that for SS3, you MAY notice some issues on any page type that has multivalue fields, with the field values not loading. This is a known issue with SilverStripe core that will be fixed in 3.0.1;

until then, you will need to patch the core, or make sure in your code to refer to another field from the specific type that needs lazy loading BEFORE referring to the multivalue field.

SilverStripe MultiValueField module

A database field type that allows the storage of multiple discrete values in a single database field. This also provides form fields for entering multiple values in a simple manner

  • MultiValueTextField - displays a text field. When data is entered, another text field is displayed directly beneath. Subsequent data entry triggers more text fields to appear
  • MultiValueDropdownField - displays a dropdown field. When a value is selected another dropdown field is displayed.

Within templates, the field can be iterated over as per a data object set. The property $Value is available as a Varchar type, and other typical properties such as $FirstLast etc are inherited from ViewableData.

Data is stored in the database in a serialized PHP format. While this is not ideal for searching purposes, some external indexing engines (eg the Solr module) are aware of the field type and will index accordingly.

Basic Usage

As with all DB fields

public static $db = array(
    'Keywords'  => 'MultiValueField',

Maintainer Contacts


  • SilverStripe 2.4+


This module is licensed under the BSD license at

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