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$config = Config::inst();
$config->update('DMSDocument_versions', 'enable_versions', true);
DMSSiteTreeExtension::show_documents_tab(); //show the Documents tab on all pages
DMSSiteTreeExtension::no_documents_tab(); //and don't exclude it from any pages
DMSDocumentAddController::add_allowed_extensions(); //add an array of additional allowed extensions
define('DMS_DIR', 'dms');
if (!file_exists(BASE_PATH . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . DMS_DIR)) user_error("DMS directory named incorrectly. Please install the DMS module into a folder named: ".DMS_DIR);
'dms_document_link', array('DMSShortcodeHandler', 'handle')
if ($config->get('DMSDocument_versions', 'enable_versions')) {
//using the same db relations for the versioned documents, as for the actual documents
$config->update('DMSDocument_versions', 'db', $config->get('DMSDocument', 'db'));
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