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Various SilverStripe CMS related code snippets
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forms Recipe for having multiple TinyMCE configurations in the one page

SilverStripe Recipes

Some SilverStripe code is too small to be worth a module, but complex enough that sharing solutions is a good idea

The most important recipes live sapphire/docs and appear on But only the best, most useful recipes get to live there. Also as a non core developer it's quite hard to add a new one.

This is where the less important ones live :) Fork this repo, add your own recipies, mix it up.

After a recipe has become stable, it might be graduated to sapphire/doc

Codebase organisation

Ideally everything will be php files with comments at the top explaining what they do. If you find yourself writing a seperate documentation file, you probably want a module not just a recipie


Everything in here is under the same license as SilverStripe itself

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