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The source code that powers
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This is the source code powering It primarily consists of the SilverStripe framework and docsviewer module with minimal configuration.

For adding functionality or editing the style of the documentation see the docsviewer module.


To set up a test instance:

  • Clone this repository to a LAMP server.
  • Install Composer
  • After installing composer run composer install --prefer-source to grab the modules.
  • Run make update to check out the repositories from which it builds the docs (this will take a while the first time)

Source Documentation Files

Documentation for each module is stored on the filesystem via a full git clone of the module to the src/ subdirectory in this project. These checkouts are ignored from this repository to allow for easier updating and to keep this project small.

To update or download the source documentation at any time run the following make command in your terminal:

cd /Sites/
make fetch

make fetch will call bin/ to download / update each module as listed in the bin/ file.

Once the make fetch command has executed and downloaded the latest files, those files are registered along with the module version the folder relates to through the docsviewer.yml file.


To contribute an improvement to the functionality or theme, submit a pull request on GitHub. Any approved pull requests will make their way onto the site in the next release.

The content for is stored in the modules repository inside a "docs" folder (for example, the framework documentation is stored at

If you wish to edit the documentation content, submit a pull request on that Github project. Updates to the content are synced regularly with via a cron job.

Cron job

The cron job keeps up to date with the latest code. This cron task calls make update, a script that fetches the latest documentation for each module from git and rebuilds the search indexes.

05 * * * * sites make -f /sites/ss2doc-v2/www/Makefile -C /sites/ss2doc-v2/www update
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