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GSOC 2012 Project: Form and Model Validation

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The project was cancelled during mid-term evaluations (details)

Forms are one of the most important parts of every framework/CMS. The validation layer of SilverStripe isn't very flexible and doesn't handle complex scenarios well. The goal of the project is to allow easy and powerful validation tools on both server and browser side.


Status and Source


  • 31 May - preliminary timeline
  • 31 May - 06 June - playing with the code, migrating small parts of RequiredField to its parents
  • 06 June - 18 June validators refactor (custom validators, moving RequiredFields parts to other general classes, introducing custom multiple validators), introducing form field/model constraints, making stuff like "required" fields work easier, introducing helper methods for kwargs, assuring backwards compatibility for kwargs helpers
  • 18 June - 20 June - validators documentation
  • 21 June - 24 June - form-wide vs field validation/clearance rules
  • 25 June - 30 June - configurable widgets
  • 9 July - mid term evals
  • 13 August - soft "pencils down"
  • 20 August - hard "pencils down"


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