Project Idea: Improve Facebook Integration

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Project Idea: Improve Facebook Integration

Author: Philipp Krenn

While SilverStripe has some modules for Facebook integration, like Will’s Facebook Connect, this is pretty limited. However, more and more content is provided, so a tighter integration would be a great addition.


  • Automatically copy content (text, images, videos, events, and comments) from a Facebook profile or wall and integrate it into a SilverStripe site
  • Provide a similar functionality for the other direction -- content posted on a SilverStripe site should automatically be pushed to Facebook
  • Integrate Facebook photo albums into a SilverStripe site
  • Use Facebook comments on a SilverStripe page (including the avatar)
  • Possibly extend Will’s module for profile management in SilverStripe (trying to reuse as much information from Facebook as possible), only in this direction:
  • There's already a module probably doing some groundwork for you, make sure to take a look at it and try to reuse as much as possible as we don't want to duplicate any code:


  • Both frontend and backend skills for the creation of this module