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Project Idea: Developer toolbar and logging improvements

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Project Idea: Developer Toolbar and Improved Framework Logging

Author: Ingo Schommer,

SilverStripe can be a bit of a blackbox when it comes to internals like caching or executed database queries. Additional information is either not available, or requires “insider knowledge” like obscure GET parameters. We have the opportunity to achieve for SilverStripe what Firebug did for clientside web development.


  • Create a web interface with details on the environment and current request, displayed alongside the website output.
  • The code should be lightweight enough to live in core, but come with an extensible API for other modules to extend.
  • Show environment information like $_SERVER, request parameters and global configuration.
  • Show status and age of cached templates, and allow to clear the cache.
  • Show all queries, formatted and sortable by execution time.
  • Show all log events, filterable by their priority.
  • Add more transparency to the framework via new info-level log events (e.g. when caches are created, or certain files aren’t found)
  • Document the newly created API
  • Excludes profiling information, which is handled much better by existing frontends like XHGUI+XHProf.


  • Intermediate frontend skills to create a mini web application interface
  • Proficiency in PHP and SilverStripe to create the API driving it.


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