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NEW General purpose search form component (#572)

* Playing with asset-admin search interface.

* Start styling and structureing new search component.

* Get the styling mostly done.

* Blow up Search component into sub-components.

* Cleaning up some linting + polishint components.

* Almost getting the SearchComponent working.

* Load the SearchToggle.

* Fix bad formSchema reference.

* Get the search field focus working.

* Fix linting errors.

* Tweak the search Toogle so it can be used outside of Search.

* Prep pattern lib with new Search component.

* Finalise CSS.

* Aligning Search CSS with break-down of Search component.

* Correct casing of ViewMode state and reorder expose statement.

* Remove unused props.

* Doc new Search component.

* Adjust the position and margin of search buttons bases on what is displayed

* Provide i18n key for search.

* Fix linting.

* Write unit test and add some comments.

* Recompile admin with Search component.

* Implement code review feedback.

* Make the X in search box bigger.

* Minor teaks CSS tweaks.

* Re-add missing 'children'

* Align the drop down with the drop down button.

* Add clear button and a bunch of logic to track if the search field is dirty.

* Rebuild with linting and unit test fix.

* Adjust Search box shadow and focus on clear.

* Split up the render logic for SearchBox.

* Tweak to the Search Toggle.

* Rebuild admin with tweak to SearchBox and SearchToggle.

* Modify box-shadows to reflect the design and add small transition

* Increment version of webpack-config use.
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maxime-rainville committed Aug 1, 2018
1 parent fa322eb commit 5a00d8462ec2806c640f1214971f4747f276d398

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Some generated files are not rendered by default. Learn more.

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