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Blog Module


The blog module allows you to post blogs on your SilverStripe. It includes the ability to post blogs using a site front-end form. Blogs are summarised on the blog holder page type, with more detail viewable when a specific blog is clicked.

Feature Overview

  • Front-end blog post form
  • Posts allow bbcode
  • RSS feed for blog and also feeds for comments on posts
  • Easily customizable
  • Tag cloud widget
  • Archive widget
  • Blog management widget
  • RSS widget (will likely move in future)

Page types

We have chosen to go with the following page types to include with the blog module:

  • BlogTree This is a holder of BlogHolder. If your site has only one blog holder, you won't need this page type.
  • BlogHolder The BlogHolder shows BlogEntries, and provides a way to search etc.It would also contain methods to post new blogs.
  • BlogEntry: This is simply an entry/post for the blog.

View Archived Blogs

Blog archives can be viewed by year/month by appending the year, followed by a forward slash, then the numerical month, to the end of the BlogHolder URL. Alternately, just the year can be appended to view entries for that year.

for example:

  • mysite/blog/2007/6 would show blog entries for June 2007
  • mysite/blog/2007 would show blog entries for 2007

Comments and Spam Protection

See PageComment.


See Widgets.

Working with the theme

The blog comes set up to use the \themes\blackcandy_blog\ directory by default. See themes.

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