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I've added a MetaWeblog enhancement that allows external blog services to post blog entries to blogs.

It also uses RSD (Really Simple Discovery). I've tested it with Posterous, and it should work with others that use this API.


wilr commented Apr 25, 2011

@glenn-bautista - from looking at your changes I would recommend unit test coverage for. Esp for the authenticate() method, that functionality is relatively critical to the whole thing so I would like to see test coverage. You may want to use the canEdit(), canCreate(), canView() pattern for handling the authentication to keep it consistent with the rest of SilverStripe.

@phalkunz - You agree with my comments? Want to add anything?


Ok. I'll get to those changes/additions as soon as time permits.


Hi Glenn and Will,

I haven't thoroughly red the patch yet. However, I totally agree with Will's comment. Unit test coverage is highly encouraged here :) In addition to consistency, can{action}() should be in place because not all members have the same privileges.


@cbarberis cbarberis closed this Jul 31, 2012
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