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Update templates/Includes/BlogSummary.ss #56

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LiamW commented Oct 5, 2012

Is there a need to wrap $Content.FirstParagraph(html) in its own p tag since it's using html and tinymce will put p tags in the content?

halkyon and others added some commits Jul 29, 2008

BUGFIX Renamed Tags in TagCloudWidget->Tags() to TagsCollection() whi…
…ch is less confusing and now renders the tags correctly
MINOR invalid use of single quotes as HTML
MINOR whitespace in PHP cleanup
ENHANCEMENT Allow Blog RSS feed to be named by CMS field on BlogHolde…
…r. If it's not set, then fall back to using "mysite blog" or whatever the global $project variable is set to
Use MONTH() and YEAR() SQL functions to check date on entries.
Refactored BlogEntries() to be more testable.
Added tests for Entries().
MINOR Collecting entities for language master table with new i18nText…
…Collector functionality. The table is now sorted alphabetically by namespace and entity. Entities now include more translatable statics from DataObject subclasses like $db, $has_one etc.
BUGFIX If WYSIWYG editing enabled, don't attempt to parse the content…
…, just return the HTML instead

MINOR HTML code formatting in BlogEntry.ss
ENHANCEMENT Added IsWYSIWYGEnabled() to check if it's enabled or not,…
… used for templates to determine whether to return parsed content or just standard HTML
Changed ... to html entiries …
PaginationSummary return all pages by default
BUGFIX Fix RSS feeds in RSSWidget not working. Since SimplePie has ma…
…nifest_excluse, we need to include the SimplePie.php file manually in order to use the SimplePie class for RSSWidget->FeedItems()
ENHANCEMENT Addition of Date, so date can be used in the RSS feed
ENHANCEMENT Allow casting of Date and Title so can be modified in template
MINOR Tidy up of ArchiveWidget
ENHANCEMENT Use of instanceof instead of is_a() so BlogHolder and BlogEntry subclasses still work properly
MINOR phpDoc for BlogEntry
BUGFIX Unncessary use of Convert::raw2sql() in BlogEntry_Controller->unpublishPost() for making an integer SQL safe, just use (int) instead to cast it
ENHANCEMENT Use of themedCSS() in BlogEntry instead of relative paths…
… to css files

MINOR Code cleanup on BlogEntry class

sminnee and others added some commits Mar 24, 2012

ENHANCEMENT:added a clearfix to blogEntry.ss for the editpost links. …
…added css requirements to php to detect subthemes css
Merge pull request #33 from jbridson/master
added a couple of styling fixes to blog css and template and added css requirements to php to detect subtheme css
Merge pull request #34 from jaredkipe/master
Fixed ambiguous column in filter. (BlogTree.php::Entries())
BUGFIX Removed duplicate calls to extension
$this->extend('updateCMSFields', $fields);
is already called by;
$fields = parent::getCMSFields();
ENHANCEMENT: UI Improvements
Replaced the old page icons, and moved where the blog specific fields
appear in the CMS to above the content area
ENHANCEMENT: Template changes
Updated template elements for 3.0.
Made html follow proper heading hierarchy
Optimized generated html so it can be more easily styled.
Merge pull request #45 from mlewis-everley/44-archive-widget-fix
Fix archive widget so that dates render correctly
Merge pull request #41 from mattclegg/master
Merge pull request #41 from mattclegg/master

tractorcow commented on ac4e6f2 Aug 23, 2012

Afternoon Will,

A polite note; This commit broke extensions on the BlogEntry class... during parent::getCMSFields extensions are disabled, and removing the extra ->extend at the end means that cms fields are never extended at all. Will re-push a request up to re-instate this.

tractorcow and others added some commits Aug 23, 2012

Merge pull request #48 from tractorcow/3.0-extension-fix
FIXED: Missing hook to extensions updateCMSFields function
Merge pull request #46 from adrexia/ui-improvements
ENHANCEMENT: UI Improvements and template updates
New : Added composer.json
 Added composer.json file which will help this module for submission on proposed extension.silverstripe.org website.

For more information please visit this page http://extension.openbees.org/instructions/
Issue #42: Descriptions for BlogEntry, BlogHolder and BlogTree
For SilverStripe 3+, descriptions can be shown for each available page type
when pages are created.  This commit adds descriptions for the BlogEntry,
BlogHolder and BlogTree classes, as derived from comments within the code.
Merge pull request #51 from sekjal/master
Add descriptions for blog page types (Fixes #42)
Bug : Removed errors from Composer.json
Contains some minor bugs :

1 - JSON doesn't allow multi line string so making "description" field in single line.

2 - Few typo errors .
Merge pull request #52 from vikas-srivastava/composer
Bug : Removed errors from Composer.json
Update README.md
Added required dependency.
Update templates/Includes/BlogSummary.ss
Is there a need to wrap $Content.FirstParagraph(html) in its own <p> tag since it's using html and tinymce will put <p> tags in the content?

wilr commented Oct 5, 2012

What happens when users are using bbcode (I'm not sure any actually are), does it still wrap it?

LiamW commented Oct 10, 2012

I haven't checked as I've never used bbcode, but I will do as soon as I can and get back to you.


clarkepaul commented Jan 31, 2013

Currently extra p tags are being created before and after $Content.FirstParagraph(html). Not sure about bbcode either but think its better to clean up the template for the majority and dev's can add the

back if needed. what say yee?

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