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LiamW commented Oct 5, 2012

Is there a need to wrap $Content.FirstParagraph(html) in its own p tag since it's using html and tinymce will put p tags in the content?

halkyon and others added some commits Jul 29, 2008
@halkyon halkyon 2b64a33
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Renamed Tags in TagCloudWidget->Tags() to TagsCollection() whi…
…ch is less confusing and now renders the tags correctly
@halkyon halkyon MINOR whitespace 54f0af8
@halkyon halkyon MINOR invalid use of single quotes as HTML
MINOR whitespace in PHP cleanup
@halkyon halkyon MINOR whitespace cleanup a154851
@halkyon halkyon MINOR More whitespace cleanup 9d959c6
@halkyon halkyon MINOR fixed template messup in BlogHolder_post.ss c8448e7
@halkyon halkyon MINOR more and more whitespace cleanup 5fe008c
@halkyon halkyon c4e0905
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX BlogEntry ParsedContent had doubled up paragraph tags 203acb4
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Allow Blog RSS feed to be named by CMS field on BlogHolde…
…r. If it's not set, then fall back to using "mysite blog" or whatever the global $project variable is set to
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Added default english text for POSTEDBY language entity 2573559
@ajoneil ajoneil Use MONTH() and YEAR() SQL functions to check date on entries.
Refactored BlogEntries() to be more testable.
Added tests for Entries().
@ajoneil ajoneil FEATURE: Added receiving of TrackPack pings b05a3a2
@ajoneil ajoneil Show TrackBack ping URL 0e38bbc
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Missing Hierarchy and Versioned extensions because of overload…
…ed $extensions variable
@chillu chillu MINOR Added or updated README information (mostly with maintainer con…
@chillu chillu MINOR Updated language master table c17a1ff
@chillu chillu MINOR Updated entities from translate.silverstripe.com 7798cd0
@chillu chillu MINOR Misc deprecation fixes 4f7c9b3
@chillu chillu BUGFIX Fixing usage of deprecated APIs d3c7ad4
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Check if SimplePie exists before attempting to create a new in…
…stance of it, since it's a 3rd party class
@halkyon halkyon MINOR whitespace change c333158
Will Rossiter BUGFIX: default child needs to be a string rather then an array 8f037c4
@chillu chillu MINOR Collecting entities for language master table with new i18nText…
…Collector functionality. The table is now sorted alphabetically by namespace and entity. Entities now include more translatable statics from DataObject subclasses like $db, $has_one etc.
@chillu chillu MINOR Updated master language tables 095d410
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Fixed possible Member::currentUser() problem with inconsistent…
… function names
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Fixed some potential security issues in BlogHolder page type 224fe02
@sminnee sminnee Removed no longer necessary LeftAndMain::require_javascript() call. 4501f30
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Added empty relationship statics so BlogEntry can be deco…
…rated by a DataObjectDecorator
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Added empty statics to BlogHolder to allow for decoration…
… of BlogHolder
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX If WYSIWYG editing enabled, don't attempt to parse the content…
…, just return the HTML instead

MINOR HTML code formatting in BlogEntry.ss
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Added IsWYSIWYGEnabled() to check if it's enabled or not,…
… used for templates to determine whether to return parsed content or just standard HTML
@phalkunz phalkunz Added LegacyID. Used for blog migration efbe524
@phalkunz phalkunz Moved LegacyIDs from BlogEntry and File to Decorators 0ba0c52
@ajoneil ajoneil Reverted changes that shouldnt be in core bda7fd1
Will Rossiter MINOR: tidied up blog pagination template cb0ca45
Will Rossiter MINOR: comment improvements and fixes 3f50a8e
@phalkunz phalkunz Use pagination summary function 72b1473
@phalkunz phalkunz Changed ... to html entiries …
PaginationSummary return all pages by default
@chillu chillu BUGFIX Adjusted blog pagination to new PaginationSummary syntax (see …
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Fix RSS feeds in RSSWidget not working. Since SimplePie has ma…
…nifest_excluse, we need to include the SimplePie.php file manually in order to use the SimplePie class for RSSWidget->FeedItems()
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Addition of Date, so date can be used in the RSS feed
ENHANCEMENT Allow casting of Date and Title so can be modified in template
@halkyon halkyon MINOR Added RSS feed icon 28x28 for general purpose 684287e
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Added SubscribeRSSWidget for linking directly to blog RSS…
… from the BlogHolder
@halkyon halkyon MINOR Tidy up of ArchiveWidget
ENHANCEMENT Use of instanceof instead of is_a() so BlogHolder and BlogEntry subclasses still work properly
@halkyon halkyon MINOR phpDoc for BlogEntry
BUGFIX Unncessary use of Convert::raw2sql() in BlogEntry_Controller->unpublishPost() for making an integer SQL safe, just use (int) instead to cast it
@halkyon halkyon ENHANCEMENT Use of themedCSS() in BlogEntry instead of relative paths…
… to css files

MINOR Code cleanup on BlogEntry class
@halkyon halkyon MINOR Removed useless $db array in SubscribeRSSWidget since it's not …
…being used
@sminnee sminnee Fixed blog RSS caching 968b9ff
@ajoneil ajoneil BUGFIX: Fix not being able to post from frontend, change posting code…
… to be more SilverStripey
@ajoneil ajoneil BUGFIX: Fix trackbacks 1298e15
@ajoneil ajoneil BUGFIX: Fix tag cloud bbba843
@ajoneil ajoneil BUGFIX: #1709 - Archive widgets shows months and years for unpublishe…
…d posts
@ajoneil ajoneil #2774 - Functions in tag cloud widget out of place fe9afc2
@ajoneil ajoneil Add PageComments to allowed_actions 18f2639
@ajoneil ajoneil BUGFIX: SetDate doesn't need to be called, as the date is automatical…
…ly set the the current time
@ajoneil ajoneil FEATURE: Enable disabling of TrackBacks 8e708d9
@ajoneil ajoneil FEATURE: Allow use of tiny mce on front end 4c5f0e1
@ajoneil ajoneil BUGFIX: Fix rss feed f636f90
@ajoneil ajoneil Prepare for 0.2-rc1 8abe20a
Will Rossiter MINOR: added seperate URLTag element so you can use the tag segment f…
…or something else
@chillu chillu MINOR Updated translations ff4a95e
@chillu chillu MINOR Updated language master tables 4340fb9
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Allow SearchForm URL action for default SS search on BlogEntry 94391c2
@chillu chillu MINOR Updated translations c18af6c
Will Rossiter MINOR: added empty statics to blog 32f4579
Will Rossiter BUGFIX: added missing semi colon 058a3c3
Will Rossiter FEATURE: added userblog support. Thanks simon_w - #3463 9460154
@chillu chillu ENHANCEMENT Added 'rss' suffix to BlogHolder->rss() to point back to …
…the feed properly (was causing feed validation errors)
@phalkunz phalkunz Added css class to blog post titles baa470d
@ajoneil ajoneil MINOR: Show BlogManagementWidget if the user has permissions to post 05b0992
Hamish Friedlander FEATURE: Add an additional level of blog container, called the tree. …
…You can now use blogs in the previous manner (holder has many entries) or as a deep tree of many holders. Viewing a level up the tree will show all blog entries within that tree.

More Tests
Better documentation
Hamish Friedlander BUGFIX: Check owner with less complex logic 37a6070
Hamish Friedlander BUGFIX: Use parent->canAddChildren, not parent->canEdit to determine …
…if this user can add children to parent blog holder
Hamish Friedlander ENHANCEMENT: Allow specifying the class buckets to assign tags into b…
…ased on popularity
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Fixed BlogTree, ArchiveWidget SQL queries to work with ANSI an…
…d non-ANSI compatible queries
Hamish Friedlander BUGFIX: Segfault on BlogTree#Sidebar calling getComponent. Fix by dir…
…ectly getting sidebar for now.
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: move Name field from BlogHolder to BlogTree 61a2cc2
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: change blog alternative name to use global project_name variable 488319c
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Fixed call to deprecated function Form::loadNonBlankDataFrom()…
… on BlogHolder, replacing it with Form::loadDataFrom()
@halkyon halkyon MINOR Renamed deprecated extraDBFields() function on TrackBackDecorat…
…or to extraStatics()
Julian Seidenberg ENHANCEMENT: allow administators to make it possible for non-admin us…
…ers to view blog management widget
@halkyon halkyon MINOR Removed unused getBlogHolder() method from BlogManagementWidget…
James Kirkus-Lamont BUGFIX: check if the parent of the blog holder has a method called 'S…
…ideBar' before calling it
Julian Seidenberg BUGFIX: fixed permissions to allow non-admin user to post and manage …
…blog entries
@chillu chillu ENHANCEMENT Added language files d55d5e2
@sminnee sminnee BUGFIX: Prevent infinite loops in RSSWidget.
ENHANCEMENT: Improve the word of the RSSWidget text.
@sminnee sminnee MINOR: Fixed newlines and set svn:eol-style to native 0122ac9
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX If IsOwner method doesn't exist on parent object in BlogEntry:…
…:IsOwner(), don't attempt to call it
@chillu chillu BUGFIX Using $allowed_actions in BlogHolder, permission checks on Blo…
@sminnee sminnee BUGFIX: Improve r81254 to fix blog/rss and subclasses of BlogHolder_C…
@sminnee sminnee BUGFIX: Updated rss allowed_action to not use 'true' as a value becau…
…se this has a bug in 2.3.2
@chillu chillu MINOR Using $this->objFromFixture() instead of referring to deprecate…
…d $this->fixture
@chillu chillu MINOR Fixed spelling in BlogHolderFunctionalTest 098ae9b
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Ensure that a BlogHolder record doesn't exist properly by chec…
…king if the record has an ID
@phalkunz phalkunz BUGFIX: BlogTree always got LandingPageFreshness value from its parent 8589682
@phalkunz phalkunz Applied an urgent hack to work new blog archive link (e.g 2009/05) a91d0ee
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: Added sorting argument to callback function 6d0f161
Hamish Friedlander ENHANCEMENT: Allow configuration of the default number of entries to …
…show on lists
cbarberis and others added some commits May 27, 2010
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANCEMENT: replaced deprecated Director::urlParams()
BUGFIX: tag working with nested urls
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANCEMENT: created BlogTree default template 1d4d7c8
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANMENT: continue replacing deprecated Director::urlParams() b48504f
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANCEMENT: Moved postblog (post in the front end) to BlogTree, so i…
…t works in BlogTree
@cbarberis cbarberis Reverted form to post entry to BlogHolder
ENHANCEMENT: added post as an allowed method on BlogTree
@phalkunz phalkunz BUGFIX: postgres and sql server compatibility 8de8414
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: update README a71f4e6
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: merge r106597 from branch 0.4 fe2e699
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: subsequent fix to commit r106598 755787d
@phalkunz phalkunz BUGFIX: resolve wrong character parsing when posting blog entry from …
…the front-end
@phalkunz phalkunz ENHANCEMENT: create a template function, BlogEntry::Content(), for co…
…nsistency of template writing and enable using text summary functionalities in template
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: add unit test for receiving trackback dc879cb
@phalkunz phalkunz FEATURE: Add send trackback notification 68df540
@phalkunz phalkunz ENHANCEMENT: Allow notifying multiple trackback urls per blog entry
APICHANGE: TrackBackDecorator::trackbackNotify() allow one parameter
APICHANGE: remove TrackBackDecorator::ShouldTrackbackNotify()
Will Rossiter BUGFIX: getParent() may return null. Prevent calling function on null…
… (esp when running tests)
Andreas Piening MINOR: fixed malformed sql query 3bf8ebc
@chillu chillu MINOR Fixed TrackbackURL->isDuplicate() with ANSI compliant SQL (see …
…r106984 and r107129)
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: Got rid of link to post new entry in the front end on a BlogT…
…ree (method does not exist on BlogTree).

Thanks smurkas (#4692)
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANCEMENT: Added option to view archives just by year (ticket #5667)
ENHANCEMENT: added action on BlogTree
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: Fixed front end post entry form validation and its test d7bb8a6
@clarkepaul clarkepaul Blog styling 92c09ee
@chillu chillu BUGFIX Fixed XSS vulnerability in BlogTree when filtering by tags 3593f03
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: TagCloudWidget uses themedCSS instead css (ticket 6059, thank…
…s artyom)
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: TagCloudWidget sorts by frecuency even with limit equal 0, se…
…e ticket 6060
@phalkunz phalkunz MINOR: Allow decorating db and cms fields of widgets in one decorator…
…. Thanks to smurkas
@chillu chillu MINOR Added BlogEntry_Controller->PageComments() as a temporary worka…
…round to avoid deprecation warnings from new 'comments' module
@cbarberis cbarberis MINOR: Show in menus is true now by default c4dde4b
@cbarberis cbarberis MINOR: reverted show in menus true by default 40a52b8
phalkun MINOR: Move documentation from http://doc.silverstripe.org
MINOR: Update README to Markdown format
@oddnoc oddnoc BUGFIX: #6118 Remove Debug::log call. 2cd7216
phalkunz MINOR: Blog tag now supports multibyte chars in the front-end. Thanks…
… to hex0id.
phalkunz MINOR: Make use of Link()'s parameter db45cb9
phalkunz MINOR: Fix RSS validator warning. Thanks to tim. 8ccd23d
@chillu chillu MINOR Migrated content from doc.ss.org eef7d57
@wilr John Clarke BUGFIX: support for legacy installations for the date based blog entr…
…y listing using slashes rather than dashes. PATCH via jcinteractive. (#5)
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #1 from oddnoc/master
MINOR: Removed debug in MetaWeblog. FIXES #6118.
@fabeat fabeat Use SS_Datetime instead of Datetime. Allows the usage of Object::useC…
…ustomClass('SS_Datetime', 'LocalDatetime');
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #8 from fabeat/master
MINOR: Use SS_Datetime instead of Datetime
Matt Gunn fixing for ss3 (parentid) 836f745
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #9 from mattgunn/patch-1
BUGFIX: Fix duplicate extension versioned and hierarchy extension.
@sminnee sminnee BUGFIX: Don't rely on existence of SiteTree::PageComments. 4beea9e
@sminnee sminnee BUGFIX: Removed use of deprecated toDropdownMap(). 5d1ac09
@sminnee sminnee BUGFIX: Refactored bbcodehelp.js to use entwine. 3f3a84d
@sminnee sminnee BUGFIX: Removed use of subtabs, to be compatible with SS3. c574d12
@halkyon halkyon BUGFIX Initial fixes to support at least building the blog module on SS3 8b58156
@halkyon halkyon Revert "BUGFIX Initial fixes to support at least building the blog mo…
…dule on SS3"

This reverts commit 8b58156.
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANCEMENT: make blog module compatible with SS3 c723c33
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: convert SS_Map to array before merging 26d101e
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: fix path to DB class on TypoImport.php fc9a933
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANCEMENT: update XML-RPC library abc6687
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: compatible with new FieldList (SS3) 3cefdf4
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: get rid of unnecessary code in BlogEntry::unpublishPost 31c56ca
@cbarberis cbarberis MINOR: update Requirements in README 36c31be
@cbarberis cbarberis MINOR: resolve conflicts after merging 5a21b4e
@cbarberis cbarberis ENHANCEMENT: make blog module independent of widget module efb1264
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: replace Director::redirect 2cbbe09
@frankmullenger frankmullenger Using PaginatedList for blog entries. 697ed18
@frankmullenger frankmullenger ENHANCEMENT: Paginated list for blog entries. Check WidgetAreaEditor
class exists.
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #31 from frankmullenger/ss3-fixes
FIX: SS3 related updates.
@cbarberis cbarberis MINOR: Merge ss3-fixes into master fae45f3
Jeremy Bridson ENHANCEMENT:added a clearfix to blogEntry.ss for the editpost links. …
…added css requirements to php to detect subthemes css
@cbarberis cbarberis Merge pull request #33 from jbridson/master
added a couple of styling fixes to blog css and template and added css requirements to php to detect subtheme css
@jaredkipe jaredkipe Update code/BlogTree.php Fixed ambiguous column `ParentID` in filter. 9702fd5
@cbarberis cbarberis Merge pull request #34 from jaredkipe/master
Fixed ambiguous column in filter. (BlogTree.php::Entries())
@phalkunz phalkunz BUGFIX: Fix an error caused Zend_Date::sub() api change bf287d9
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: check method SideBar exists in parent before calling it. 8c12345
@cbarberis cbarberis MINOR: add routes yml for director rules 0d90f1b
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: get rid of sorting in new routes yml 8f0a81e
@mattclegg mattclegg MINOR updating previous request for ss3 0533ad5
@mattclegg mattclegg MINOR Amend fallback to return first from `DataList` 3ae0b78
@mlewis-everley mlewis-everley Issue #44: Fix archive widget so that dates render correctly 74c5545
@mattclegg mattclegg BUGFIX Removed duplicate calls to extension
$this->extend('updateCMSFields', $fields);
is already called by;
$fields = parent::getCMSFields();
@adrexia adrexia ENHANCEMENT: UI Improvements
Replaced the old page icons, and moved where the blog specific fields
appear in the CMS to above the content area
@adrexia adrexia ENHANCEMENT: Template changes
Updated template elements for 3.0.
Made html follow proper heading hierarchy
Optimized generated html so it can be more easily styled.
@cbarberis cbarberis Merge pull request #45 from mlewis-everley/44-archive-widget-fix
Fix archive widget so that dates render correctly
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #41 from mattclegg/master
Merge pull request #41 from mattclegg/master

Afternoon Will,

A polite note; This commit broke extensions on the BlogEntry class... during parent::getCMSFields extensions are disabled, and removing the extra ->extend at the end means that cms fields are never extended at all. Will re-push a request up to re-instate this.

tractorcow and others added some commits Aug 23, 2012
@tractorcow tractorcow FIXED: Missing hook to extensions updateCMSFields function 9f9a560
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #48 from tractorcow/3.0-extension-fix
FIXED: Missing hook to extensions updateCMSFields function
@adrexia adrexia Update .gitignore 658ebb8
@phalkunz phalkunz Merge pull request #46 from adrexia/ui-improvements
ENHANCEMENT: UI Improvements and template updates
@phalkunz phalkunz BUG Fix an issue caused by adding BlogTreeExtension using a wrong api 55895d9
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: fix blog widgets so their methods are accessible from templates 795f1a6
@vikas-srivastava vikas-srivastava New : Added composer.json
 Added composer.json file which will help this module for submission on proposed extension.silverstripe.org website.

For more information please visit this page http://extension.openbees.org/instructions/
Ian Walls Issue #42: Descriptions for BlogEntry, BlogHolder and BlogTree
For SilverStripe 3+, descriptions can be shown for each available page type
when pages are created.  This commit adds descriptions for the BlogEntry,
BlogHolder and BlogTree classes, as derived from comments within the code.
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #50 from vikas-srivastava/composer
NEW Add composer.json
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #51 from sekjal/master
Add descriptions for blog page types (Fixes #42)
@vikas-srivastava vikas-srivastava Bug : Removed errors from Composer.json
Contains some minor bugs :

1 - JSON doesn't allow multi line string so making "description" field in single line.

2 - Few typo errors .
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #52 from vikas-srivastava/composer
Bug : Removed errors from Composer.json
@cbarberis cbarberis MINOR: add emails to composer (manually merge from pull request #53) efbbba6
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: Fix blog management widget to work with comments module b1f4a4f
@mateusz mateusz Update README.md
Added required dependency.
@wilr wilr Merge pull request #54 from mateusz/patch-1
Update README.md
@cbarberis cbarberis BUGFIX: replace deprecated DataObjectSet for ArrayList cfa7410
@LiamW LiamW Update templates/Includes/BlogSummary.ss
Is there a need to wrap $Content.FirstParagraph(html) in its own <p> tag since it's using html and tinymce will put <p> tags in the content?
wilr commented Oct 5, 2012

What happens when users are using bbcode (I'm not sure any actually are), does it still wrap it?

LiamW commented Oct 10, 2012

I haven't checked as I've never used bbcode, but I will do as soon as I can and get back to you.


Currently extra p tags are being created before and after $Content.FirstParagraph(html). Not sure about bbcode either but think its better to clean up the template for the majority and dev's can add the

back if needed. what say yee?

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