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<div class="WidgetAreaEditor" id="WidgetAreaEditor" name="$Name">
<input type="hidden" id="$Name" name="$IdxField" value="$Value" />
<div class="availableWidgetsHolder">
<h2><% _t('AVAILABLE', 'Available Widgets') %></h2>
<div class="availableWidgets" id="WidgetAreaEditor_availableWidgets">
<% if AvailableWidgets %>
<% control AvailableWidgets %>
<% end_control %>
<% else %>
<div id="NoWidgets">
<p><% _t('NOAVAIL', 'There are currently no widgets available.') %></p>
<% end_if %>
<div class="usedWidgetsHolder">
<h2><% _t('INUSE', 'Widgets currently used') %></h2>
<p><% _t('TOADD', 'To add widgets, drag them from the left area to here.') %></p>
<div class="usedWidgets" id="WidgetAreaEditor_usedWidgets">
<% if UsedWidgets %>
<% control UsedWidgets %>
<% end_control %>
<% else %>
<div id="NoWidgets"></div>
<% end_if %>
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