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<div id="pages-controller-cms-content" class="cms-content center cms-tabset $BaseCSSClasses" data-layout-type="border">
<div class="cms-content-header north">
<% include CMSSectionIcon %>
<% include CMSBreadcrumbs %>
<div class="cms-content-header-tabs">
<li <% if class == 'CMSPageEditController' %>class="ui-state-selected"<% end_if %>>
<a href="$LinkPageEdit" class="content-treeview cms-panel-link" title="Form_EditForm">
<% _t('CMSMain.TabContent', 'Content') %>
<li <% if class == 'CMSPageSettingsController' %>class="ui-state-selected"<% end_if %>>
<a href="$LinkPageSettings" class="content-listview cms-panel-link" title="Form_EditForm">
<% _t('CMSMain.TabSettings', 'Settings') %>
<li <% if class == 'CMSPageHistoryController' %>class="ui-state-selected"<% end_if %>>
<a href="$LinkPageHistory" class="content-listview cms-panel-link" title="Form_EditForm">
<% _t('CMSMain.TabHistory', 'History') %>
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