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<div class="cms-content-toolbar">
<% include CMSPagesController_ContentToolActions %>
<div class="ss-dialog cms-page-add-form-dialog cms-dialog-content" id="cms-page-add-form" title="<% _t('CMSMain.AddNew', 'Add new page') %>">
<div class="cms-panel-content center">
<% if TreeIsFiltered %>
<div class="cms-tree-filtered">
<strong><% _t('CMSMain.ListFiltered', 'Filtered list.') %></strong>
<a href="$LinkPages" class="cms-panel-link">
<% _t('CMSMain.TreeFilteredClear', 'Clear filter') %>
<% end_if %>
<div class="cms-list" data-url-list="$Link(getListViewHTML)">
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