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<div class="cms-tree-view-modes">
<span><% _t("TreeTools.DisplayLabel","Display:") %></span>
<% if CanOrganiseSitetree %>
<div class="checkboxAboveTree">
<input type="radio" name="view-mode" class="view-mode" value="draggable" id="view-mode-draggable" />
<label for="view-mode-draggable"><% _t("ENABLEDRAGGING","Drag'n'drop") %></label>
<% end_if %>
<input type="radio" name="view-mode" class="view-mode" value="multiselect" id="view-mode-multiselect" />
<label for="view-mode-multiselect"><% _t("MULTISELECT","Multi-selection") %></label>
<% include CMSPagesController_ContentToolActions %>
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