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Updating default en.yml with updated entities

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1 parent fa348d6 commit 0964a5b832636a672d8d61c32993558a83886654 @halkyon halkyon committed Nov 5, 2012
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5 lang/en.yml
@@ -139,7 +139,6 @@ en:
TreeView: 'Tree View'
- ENABLEDRAGGING: 'Drag''n''drop'
MULTISELECT: Multi-selection
FILTER: Filter
@@ -174,7 +173,7 @@ en:
PUBLISHEDSITE: 'Published Site'
Password: Password
PostInstallTutorialIntro: 'This website is a simplistic version of a SilverStripe 3 site. To extend this, please take a look at {link}.'
- StartEditing: 'You can start editing your site''s content by opening <a href=\"{link}\">the CMS</a>.'
+ StartEditing: 'You can start editing your site\''s content by opening <a href="{link}">the CMS</a>.'
UnableDeleteInstall: 'Unable to delete installation files. Please delete the files below manually'
VIEWPAGEIN: 'View Page in:'
@@ -388,8 +387,6 @@ en:
VIEWLAST: 'View last'
VIEWNEXT: 'View next'
VIEWPREVIOUS: 'View previous'
- TreeTools:
- DisplayLabel: 'Display:'
CANACCESS: 'You can access the archived site at this link:'
HAVEASKED: 'You have asked to view the content of our site on'

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