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FIXED: Issue where links within the CMS page list view would not be c…

…orrectly generated. E.g. when the translatable module is used, page links for the "show children" action would come up as admin/pages/?locale=en_NZ?ParentID=21&view=list when they should be shows as admin/pages/?locale=en_NZ&ParentID=21&view=list. Uses Controller::join_links to perform the necessary sanity check on urls.
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1 parent 342ecd9 commit a6087f1d4eccc8cdf795a215d32472b66258d889 @tractorcow tractorcow committed Aug 8, 2012
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  1. +2 −3 code/controllers/CMSMain.php
5 code/controllers/CMSMain.php
@@ -710,9 +710,8 @@ public function ListViewForm() {
$num = $item ? $item->numChildren() : null;
if($num) {
return sprintf(
- '<a class="cms-panel-link list-children-link" data-pjax-target="ListViewForm,Breadcrumbs" href="%s?ParentID=%d&view=list">%s</a>',
- $controller->Link(),
- $item->ID,
+ '<a class="cms-panel-link list-children-link" data-pjax-target="ListViewForm,Breadcrumbs" href="%s">%s</a>',
+ Controller::join_links($controller->Link(), "?ParentID={$item->ID}&view=list"),

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