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MINOR update template to use jlayout

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commit f634ad09dbb10eb30181aba3cc97f2907a5fbd1d 1 parent 49866b2
@wilr wilr authored
Showing with 3 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +3 −4 templates/Includes/
7 templates/Includes/
@@ -20,11 +20,10 @@
- <div class="cms-content-tools cms-panel west" data-expandOnClick="true">
- <h3 class="cms-panel-header"></h3>
+ <div class="cms-content-tools cms-panel west cms-panel-layout" data-expandOnClick="true" data-layout="{type: 'border'}">
+ <h3 class="cms-panel-header north"></h3>
- <div class="cms-panel-content">
+ <div class="cms-panel-content center">
<div class="cms-content-tools-actions ui-widget-content">
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