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Commits on Sep 4, 2012
  1. @halkyon

    Merge pull request #194 from patbolo/doc_support

    halkyon authored
    NEW 7839 Support for documents as a file type in Files and images
Commits on Sep 3, 2012
  1. @patbolo
Commits on Sep 2, 2012
  1. @hafriedlander

    Merge pull request #190 from silverstripe-rebelalliance/open/5971

    hafriedlander authored
    NEW Add warning if viewed SiteTree object class is obsolete
  2. @chillu
  3. @chillu

    BUG Enforce $allowed_children in controllers on page creation (fixes …

    chillu authored
    Original bug fix contributed by @kmayo-ss
Commits on Aug 30, 2012
  1. @phalkunz

    BUG Filter pages by LastEdited always returns an empty list

    phalkunz authored
    This is caused by the input date values entered by the user are passed into query without converting in a correct format first.
Commits on Aug 29, 2012
  1. @halkyon

    Merge pull request #191 from silverstripe-big-o/session-namespace

    halkyon authored
    BUG Session namespace sharing for CMS controllers (#7815)
  2. @chillu

    BUG Session namespace sharing for CMS controllers

    chillu authored
    Ideally we could do this without session, but pragmatically
    we still need it, because of the inflexible routing system,
    and because of performance considerations.
    Example: The tree is lazy loaded via a generic  URL (admin/pages/treeview).
    While we could add ?ID=<currentpage> to make the view (more or less) stateless,
    it would trigger a full tree reload on every tree navigation action.
    Instead, we assume that all "reachable" nodes are already cached,
    and simply mark a different one as current. For this to work, we need
    shared session state between CMS controllers.
    See for detail.
  3. @chillu

    BUG Removed 'Sort' field from CMSMain edit form

    chillu authored
    Related to #7740. The sort field gets stale if the current
    record is moved in the tree. Since the sort value can't
    be altered by interacting with the form, its not required
    as a hidden field, either.
  4. @chillu

    Merge pull request #188 from phalkunz/7601-listview-sort-by-title

    chillu authored
    Enable page sorting by Page name in list view (see #7601)
  5. @chillu

    Merge pull request #175 from creamarketing/swedish-javascript-transla…

    chillu authored
    Added Swedish javascript translations
  6. @chillu

    Merge pull request #183 from adrexia/installer

    chillu authored
    BUG: Installer templates
  7. @hafriedlander
  8. @hafriedlander
Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. @adrexia

    Replace tutorial link

    adrexia authored
  2. @hafriedlander

    Merge pull request #189 from silverstripe-rebelalliance/open/7754

    hafriedlander authored
    BUG: Fixing a issue with a undefined variable in getLink
  3. @chillu

    BUG Use AbsoluteLiveLink() for CMS previews

    chillu authored
    It uses the correct live URLSegments for its parents
    by setting the global Versioned reading mode correctly,
    see 8a514d8 for detail.
  4. @chillu

    BUG Correct live state in SiteTree->getAbsoluteLiveLink()

    chillu authored
    Was fetching the record from live (and its direct URLSegment),
    but all of its parents from the current stage, which might be draft,
    leading to "mixed" draft/live nested URLs which might no longer
    be reachable in live mode.
  5. @phalkunz
  6. @sminnee
  7. @patbolo

    FIX 7819 Check if the current folder ID is in the url before assuming…

    patbolo authored
    … the list should not filter by folder ID
  8. @sminnee

    Merge pull request #182 from ryanwachtl/url-segment-loading-indicator

    sminnee authored
    BUG Visual cue that URLSegment is updating
  9. @sminnee

    Merge pull request #184 from silverstripe-rebelalliance/trac/7817

    sminnee authored
    FIX Dont refer to framework module in config rules
  10. @hafriedlander

    FIX Dont refer to framework module in config rules

    hafriedlander authored
    Might be called sapphire instead, in which case routing rules
    will end up in the wrong place
  11. @hafriedlander

    FIX VirtualPageTest failing on apps with no $db on Page

    hafriedlander authored
    VirtualPageTest was adding fields to Page via a decorator, but Page might
    not have any fields itself. This changed Page from not having a table
    to having a table, which then caused a problem on tearDown
  12. @hafriedlander
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
  1. @chillu

    BUG Prevent overwriting of draft/live preview form fields

    chillu authored
    By renaming fields to "StageLink" and "LiveLink",
    which means they don't get influenced by the model getters
    on Form->loadDataFrom(). Its also a more accurate
    name for the field value, since it contains a full (nested) URL
    rather than just a segment. Only used internally, so no API change.
  2. @chillu

    Fixed "from"/"to" filter field widths

    chillu authored
    Removed ineffective FieldGroup->subfieldParam setting,
    replaced with a specialised template, as well as a new "stacked" styling
    (both added to framework codebase)
  3. @chillu
  4. @chillu
Commits on Aug 26, 2012
  1. @chillu
  2. @chillu
  3. @chillu
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. @chillu

    Updated translations

    chillu authored
  2. @chillu

    Merge branch '3.0-translation-compatibility-fixes' of git://…

    chillu authored
    …m/tractorcow/silverstripe-cms into tractorcow-3.0-translation-compatibility-fixes
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