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Filter reset not updating view correctly. #1053

Firesphere opened this Issue · 2 comments

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After searching for specific page content or title, whichever you want, and then selecting reset, resets the filter correctly.

But the view of the sitetree, stays the same, with the arrows indicating the entire tree is expanded. Suggesting the filter is not resetted.


@Firesphere are you referring to the fact that once you select the "Clear filter" link, CMS users are taken back to the Pages admin, with the central filter pane open?

The SiteTree might appear to be the same if the results of your search are found in content under each of your SiteTree's top-level pages. As long as the "Clear filter" link and block are no longer showing, then this appears to be desired behaviour.

If this is not what you mean, my apologies, but a step by step as to what you're doing to replicate the problem would be really useful :-)



Woah, half a year ago :)
I got the question from a customer. I'll have to get in touch with them again to re-explain what they do and how they considered it unwanted behaviour. I'll get back to this ;)

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