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RedirectorPage_Controller redirects on any action #1059

sb-relaxt-at opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm not sure if it is the desired behaviour that a RedirectorPage redirects every request, independent of the specified action, e.g.: /category/ is a RedirectorPage to /category/article/ (or any other site), a request to something like /category/somethingstupid/ will also be redirected (HTTP 301) by this page. From my point of view this is an unexpected behaviour. Neither is the requested URL "Moved Permanently" to the redirection target, nor is this the normal behaviour when calling an invalid page (without a RedirectorPage beeing involved). I believe that a "404 Not Found" should be returned in the mentioned case.


I believe that is similar to a problem I am experiencing:



That seems possible, you can give an updated RedirectorPage a try:
Just change the pagetype of your HomePage, rebuild/flush and try if it resolves the issue. Please report the result of your test. If it solves your issue as well, I will create a pull request to change the original RedirectorPage.

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