[2011-09-09] Replace/update Diff.php engine in core #330

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created by: @chillu (ischommer)
created at: 2011-09-09
original ticket: http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/6715

Boys and girls, I present to you the epic tale of Diff.php in SilverStripe.

We're using a third party lib Diff.php, and customized it over the years: http://open.silverstripe.org/log/modules/cms/trunk/code/Diff.php
Its original addition was least 4 years ago, before we open sourced. Can't trace it back further unfortunately.

The main motivation for writing this is getting an upgraded and tested
Diff engine into core, but also to resolve a licensing issue: The included file states "You may copy this code freely under the conditions of the GPL." - thats very ambiguous, and has been changed to LGPL in a later version. But in this form, you could argue that we're not allowed to redistribute/modify the library with a BSD license.

The third party code has since evolved as follows:

Alternatives I've found so far:

Other relevant info:

Recommended approach: Find out what changed in the library since we've started using it,
and if our customizations are still necessary. Upgrade to the latest Text_Diff from Pear,
or review how Wordpress got the Horde version to work for their purposes.

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chillu commented May 3, 2016

Closing since its not a high maintenance or high visibility aspect of the framework. Can be looked at as part of a wider review of the way we present content changes, but low value to change in isolation.

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