[2011-10-17] admin/myprofile link broken for members with restricted access #334

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created by: @schellmax (schellmax)
created at: 2011-10-17
original ticket: http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/6742

for members without access to the 'pages' section of the cms (i.e. working with some modeladmin only), the 'Profile' link at the bottom bar in the cms is broken ('admin/myprofile').

this is due to a check in the 'canView' method of LeftAndMain.php, returning false in case you don't have a "CMS_ACESS_LeftAndMain" permission (section starting with comment '// Default security check').

a quick fix is inserting the following lines before this:

$params = Director::urlParams();
if($params['Controller'] == 'CMSMain' && $params['Action'] == 'myprofile') return true;

comment by: @schellmax (schellmax)
created at: 2011-10-17

for an example screenshot see http://www.silverstripe.org/customising-the-cms/show/15537


comment by: @chillu (ischommer)
created at: 2011-10-18

Unsetting milestone


comment by: Simon
created at: 2011-12-12

To make it possible to let users to actually save the changes, the following line needs to be added as well, above the actual permission checker:

if($params['Controller'] == 'CMSMain' && $params['Action'] == 'Member_ProfileForm') return true;
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