[2012-01-12] is_uploaded_file problem in Files and Images section #340

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created by: @Josua2012 (josua)
assigned to: Jose A.
created at: 2012-01-12
original ticket: http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/6834

After using '''move_uploaded_file''' (AssetAdmin.php Line:225) the '''is_uploaded_file''' function (Upload.php Line: 480) return '''false'''.

'''is_uploaded_file''' function should be used with the '''original path and name''' of the uploaded file to work properly.

Therefore, this check should be removed from the validate() function (Upload.php) and included in the doUpload($data, $form) function (AssetAdmin.php).

comment by: @Josua2012 (josua)
created at: 2012-01-13

I've seen the bug can be fixed using this patch:

but, why has not fixed in version 2.4.6 of SilverStripe?


Jose A.

comment by: @sminnee (sminnee)
created at: 2012-03-15

The bugfix has been applied to 3.0, not 2.4.

The SHAs are as follows:

2.4.6 is really only receiving security fixes at this stage; I'm not sure if we'd want to merge this one through.


simonwelsh commented Mar 16, 2014

move_uploaded_file is only called when actually saving an uploaded file now.

@simonwelsh simonwelsh closed this Mar 16, 2014

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