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[2012-12-11] Uploading files at root means the files can no longer be edited or viewed #608

silverstripe-issues opened this Issue Apr 3, 2013 · 6 comments

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created by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-11
original ticket:

[Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95]
Silverstripe 3.0.3
CMS & Framework on Silverstripe Master

When viewing files in list view - any files that have been uploaded from the root folder and no folder is chosen (when editing the file on the upload screen) - when clicked takes you to the "Uploads" folder - not the edit view as expected.

If the user is at the root when uploading files - maybe make the folder dropdown default to "Uploads" or force the user to choose a parent folder before returning to files screen.

To recreate the bug,

Go to files section \
Make sure you are at the root \
Click upload button \
Drag and drop multiple files \
Click back to folder button without editing any of the files\
Click on one of the files you just uploaded \
It should take you into the uploads folder instead of going to the edit page \
Files within Upload folder are editable as usual \
The files that are in the root are still able to be accessed and inserted into content \


comment by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-11

May be related to this ticket??


comment by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-11

Also see this ticket -


comment by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-11

Just checked out latest dev version of SilverStripe on 3.1 branch - seems to be fixed now.


comment by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-12

This bug is a little bit more complex - I thought it had been fixed but after clicking around in the asset admin section - after I clicked into the "Uploads" folder and clicked edit on one of the files - when i went back to the root - I could no longer edit any of the files there - it just took me back to the "uploads" folder.

SilverStripe Ltd. member
chillu commented May 22, 2013

Duplicate of #598 ?


Fixed in 3.1.

@simonwelsh simonwelsh closed this Mar 16, 2014
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