[2012-12-11] Clicking "Files" in the left hand nav takes you to "uploads" folder not to the root #609

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created by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-11
original ticket: http://open.silverstripe.org/ticket/8086

When "Files" is clicked in the left hand nav it takes the user directly into the "uploads" folder not to the root.
This is confusing for the user.


comment by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-11

Just checked out latest dev version of SilverStripe and this appears to be fixed on the 3.1 branch.


comment by: @jbridson (jbridson)
created at: 2012-12-12

It seems once a user goes into a folder - they will be destined to forever go back to a folder when they click on "files" in the left hand navigation - even after I logged out and back in. It does remember if you go into a new folder which is good - but it doesn't ever remember if you leave the "files" section from the root - it will still always go back to the last folder you were in.


You get taken back to the last folder you were in.

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