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febsn commented Dec 26, 2013

A customer pointed out that their URLSegment doesn't auto-update when changing the title of a newly created page (CMS version 3.1.2). Some research showed that this is only the case when using a non-english interface language, and some more research showed that the page title (via indexof('new')) is used to check whether it's a new page, which of course doesn't work if a new page isn't called 'new page', as in most languages.

Martimiz commented Jan 4, 2014

I've noticed it too. You're referring to CMSMainEditForm.js - line 41

// Criteria for defining a "new" page
if ((urlSegmentInput.val().indexOf('new') == 0) && liveLinkInput.val() == '') {
} else {
    $('.update', self.parent()).show();

Basically this would auto-update any URLSegment that starts with 'new' as long as the page isn't published. This would also wrongfully apply to 'new-in-this-shop' but ignore translations like 'nieuwe-pagina'.

Possible solution: create a data-newpage="new-page" attribute with the default new-page name for the current locale, and check against that?

febsn commented Jan 5, 2014

You're right. I've already fixed this and issued a pull request (can I somehow link issue and pull request? Github is rather news to me): #916

madmatt commented Jan 10, 2014

Off-topic: In your commit message or PR message, you can type "Fixes #915" to link your PR to the original issue.

@simonwelsh simonwelsh added the 3.1 label Mar 16, 2014
chillu commented Mar 25, 2014

I'd suggest adding a disabled "Version" form field, and then only triggering the update on Version=1. The disabled attribute should prevent the field from being submitted with the form, which would be confusing since its misleading data upon save (a form submitted with Version=1 will actually cause Version=2 to be created).


Sometimes I find I've saved the page before creating a new title for it. It now wouldn't auto-update after that...

A disabled boolean field that checks the current name against the i8n setting for the current locale (as simonwelsh suggested), defaulting to en_US - would that be an option?

chillu commented Apr 29, 2014

@Martimiz Sorry for the late reply. I think if you save the page without creating a title first, its an acceptable user experience that you need to manually update the URL. So I'll stick with my recommendation of the disabled Version field.

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