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Enhancements and bug fixes on SiteTreeURLSegmentField. #265

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Moved buttons into field's .ss template, moved "update from" behaviour into SiteTreeURLSegmentField.js, and added ability to set related field via data-* attribute using FormField->setAttribute('data-related-field', 'Title').


Appears that I stripped out a bunch of trailing whitespace during my editing. If this is a problem let me know.

@ryanwachtl ryanwachtl referenced this pull request in arambalakjian/DataObject-as-Page

SiteTreeURLSegmentField_modeladmin.js no longer required. #26


This also fixes

Multiple SiteTreeURLSegmentFields can be used on the same page.

@ryanwachtl ryanwachtl merged commit 894d487 into silverstripe:3.1
@ryanwachtl ryanwachtl deleted the unknown repository branch
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