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The module provides a number of built in configuration settings below are the default settings

// mysite/_config.php 

Commenting::add('Foo', array(
    'require_login' => false,
    'required_permission' => false,
    'use_ajax_commenting' => true,
    'show_comments_when_disabled' => false,
    'order_comments_by' => "\"Created\" DESC",
    'comments_per_page' => 10,
    'comments_holder_id' => "comments-holder", 
    'comment_permalink_prefix' => "comment-",
    'require_moderation' => false

If you want to customize any of the configuration options after you have added the extension (or on the built-in SiteTree commenting) use set_config_value

// mysite/_config.php - Sets require_login to true for all pages
Commenting::set_config_value('SiteTree', 'require_login', true);

// mysite/_config.php - Returns the setting 
Commenting::get_config_value('SiteTree', 'require_login');
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