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The module provides a number of built in configuration settings below are the default settings

// mysite/_config.php 

Commenting::add('Foo', array(
    'require_login' => false, // boolean, whether a user needs to login
    'required_permission' => false,  // required permission to comment (or array of permissions)
    'include_js' => true, // Enhance operation by ajax behaviour on moderation links
    'show_comments_when_disabled' => false, // when comments are disabled should we show older comments (if available)
    'order_comments_by' => "\"Created\" DESC",
    'comments_per_page' => 10,
    'comments_holder_id' => "comments-holder", // id for the comments holder
    'comment_permalink_prefix' => "comment-", // id prefix for each comment. If needed make this different
    'require_moderation' => false,
    'html_allowed' => false, // allow for sanitized HTML in comments
    'html_allowed_elements' => array('a', 'img', 'i', 'b'),
    'use_preview' => false, // preview formatted comment (when allowing HTML). Requires include_js=true
    'use_gravatar' => false,
    'gravatar_size' => 80

If you want to customize any of the configuration options after you have added the extension (or on the built-in SiteTree commenting) use set_config_value

// mysite/_config.php - Sets require_login to true for all pages
Commenting::set_config_value('SiteTree', 'require_login', true);

// mysite/_config.php - Returns the setting 
Commenting::get_config_value('SiteTree', 'require_login');

HTML Comments

Comments can be configured to contain a restricted set of HTML tags through the html_allowed and html_allowed_elements settings. Raw HTML is hardly user friendly, but combined with a rich-text editor of your own choosing it can allow rich comment formatting.

In order to use this feature, you need to install the HTMLPurifier library. The easiest way to do this is through Composer.

    "require": {"ezyang/htmlpurifier": "4.*"}

Important: Rendering user-provided HTML on your website always risks exposing your users to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, if the HTML isn't properly sanitized. Don't allow tags like <script> or arbitrary attributes.


Gravatars can be turned on by adding this to your mysite/_config.php file

Commenting::set_config_value('SiteTree', 'use_gravatar', true);

The default size is 80 pixels, as per the gravatar site if the 's' parameter is omitted. To change this add the following (again to mysite/_config.php):

Commenting::set_config_value('SiteTree', 'gravatar_size', 40);
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